Do's and Don'ts When Moving House

House access

Access or the entrance to and from the new house doorway is essential for vehicles. Make it a point explain to your immediate neighbours well in advance that a removal van or truck will be parked outside your house and it may possibly cause them some degree of inconvenience. Also ensure that all staircases and passageways are left absolutely clear for the moving team. Check with your new estate agents/solicitor/landlord early enough to ensure that the keys to the new house are or will be available.


Most house moving firms will provide specially made, different sized boxes depending on your requirements. Some will even provide tape, bubble wrap and tissue paper plus other extras that are necessary for the safe removal and transportation of your possessions. It is vital that these boxes are not overfilled to allow easier lifting and proper stacking without causing damage to the contents. Always label the top of the boxes clearly indicating which room each will go to. Indicate if the contents are fragile etc. Where boxes are not provided ensure that you do it well in advance to avoid last minute rush

Self Assembly Furniture

Dismantling of furniture should be done prior to the moving day. In most cases, this is not included in the standard quotation. So make sure you have taken this into consideration and if necessary engage suitable professionals for this.

Glass, China and Ornamentals

Remember to mark boxes that contain glass, china and ornamentals as ‘Fragile’ to make sure that additional care is given to these items and have them suitable packed.

Clothing, Beddings and Linen

In most cases, it is safe to leave clothes in the chest of drawers to be moved especially if they are lockable. Some movers do bring and supply hanging wardrobes free of charge. Linen and beddings can be placed in big bin bags or large boxes, which should be tied up securely.

Electrical Items

Before the removal team arrives, all electrical items such as freezers, fridges, cookers and washing machines should ideally be disconnected. All freezer contents ought to be run down before the moving day and defrosted. Check on the insurance status of the house moving firm.

Contents of garden shed and garages

It is important to try and centralize all the garden plants, pots and all loose garden items at one place. Garden tools should be cleaned and tied up nicely in suitable bundles.

The House Loft

As much as is possible, get the contents of your loft down prior to the removal day. This will enable the removal crew to correctly assess the complete load prior to loading.

Removal into storage

In case some items are moving into the storage premises of the moving firm ensure that these items are kept separate preferably in a different room.

Important People to Notify

It is vital to inform your suppliers of Gas, Electricity, Water, mortgage company etc and other utilities that you are moving. It may also be necessary to inform your local Council and of course family and friends!